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It was in 2012 when we first launched VITOSTUDIO.COM. The project was the first of its kind in the Philippines. VITOSTUDIO.COM was the only e-commerce site dedicated to showcasing world-class Philippine design and craftsmanship when it launched in June 2012. The site went live at a time when consumers of luxury artisanal products had to trek to ateliers and workshops to browse and shop products. It was an era the saw the advent of luxury online shopping in the country, and VITOSTUDIO.COM was right at the forefront, helping to change the experience of luxury retail in the country.

Through the years, the homegrown brand has evolved to become a one-stop lifestyle online store. Focus on special scapular necklaces, hand crafted using 18K solid gold, saw the development of a full jewelry range that now includes dainty pins for children, customized pendants, locket keepsakes and many others. Our fine jewelry and titanium steel accessories have become the preferred gift items for special occasions—anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baptisms and other life milestones. And thus, began our retail journey are GIFT SPECIALISTS.

It wasn’t long after before our most loyal patrons began looking for other gift ideas to mark the special moments in a life. Companies that share in our team’s love for all things innovative, special and well-crafted also began to partner with us as we supplied them with corporate giveaways. You can request for a catalog of our Corporate Gifts and Event Giveaways when you click here. Unlike most mass produced giveaways, we pride ourselves in being able to provide clients with options that are customized to their brand identity, campaign thrust and messaging. We also go the extra mile to ensure that high quality standards are set in place even for larger volumes.

We take our role as GIFT SPECIALISTS to heart and remain guided by the same vision that once upon a time inspired us to build a website that would highlight excellence and innovation. As we continue to expand our range and reach, we stay true to the ethos of creating unforgettable shopping experiences online—from the time you browse to up the time you finally unbox your beautifully wrapped VITOSTUDIO.COM purchase.


We live to elevate the experience of giving gifts into an art form. Our goal is to make the art of giving—whether as a gift, a precious item for yourself, a surprise for loved one or giveaway—event to cherish.

Customer service at VITOSTUDIO.COM is virtually unparalleled and can be likened to having your very own personal shopper. We encourage you to get in touch with us and connect with us through our Instagram Account or simply email us. You’ll be surprised by how quick we respond.

You can even ask us to send over gift suggestions or get them on regular basis when you SUBSCRIBE to our newsletters. The items we carry, in true form, are consistently exceptional from design to quality. Even our packaging is remarkable!

When you unbox a package from VITOSTUDIO.COM, you unbox something that you know you will keep for always.


Founders of VITOSTUDIO.COM, Corine Alegre and Bianca Salonga have extensive experience in lifestyle publishing. Both worked as editors in some of the country’s most prestigious publications. These two women, apart from being friends since high school, also share a love and passion for fashion, design and finding things that are out of the ordinary.

Corine’s vast fashion network and influence stems from her work as a fashion editor at Metro Magazine. She also contributed as a stylist for top broadsheet, The Philippine Star and has been the choice stylist for many celebrities in the country. Some of the most celebrated fashion designers entrust her to help style their fashion shows or even, source out hard-to-find items for them. She has done countless TVCs and billboards. All this requires a keen eye for detail and a meticulousness that not many have the patience for. She brings this very same skill set to the team, as she curates and tediously edits each and every collection launched by VITOSTUDIO.COM. Her expertise in on-line shopping has also factored into the site’s remarkable product line.

Marketing and communications are Bianca’s stronger suits being a lifestyle chronicler. She is currently a correspondent for Forbes.com and continues to contribute for various luxury magazines among them, Lifestyle Asia where she was Managing Editor. Bianca also worked as the features editor of Mega Magazine before she flew to Paris in 2009 to take up her MBA in Luxury Goods at Mod’Art International. VITOSTUDIO.COM, according to her, is the culmination of her formal training in the fashion capital. She applies her expertise in marketing, PR and communications to this passion project. Bianca is the voice you hear behind all of the social media posts, newsletters, corporate correspondences, and yes, sometimes, even when we reply to your inquiries.

Clients of VITOSTUDIO.COM all know Joy Merete. She has been with the team as an associate since it launched in 2012. Years of experience, on-the-job-training and perseverance led to her becoming the head for operations today. Almost nothing escapes Joy’s razor sharp vision. From inventory to logistics, administrative work, finance and even company excursions out of town, Joy works day in and out to make sure that everything at the headquarters run smoothly. For any concerns or inquiries you might have, Joy is your girl—as she is ours.