• Barba
    Barba’s design approach is both sensible as it is significant. After having worked in the fashion industry for several years now, Barba has developed a sharp intuition and insight into what translates well to his market: clothes that move with the body. Aside from the essentially functional appeal of his pieces, it is the restrain, elegance and timeless of a Barba piece that impresses the most. Consistenly, Barba brings forth fresh fashion propositions that aim to highlight the human form. But more than that, Barba's aesthetic resonates with a distinct brand of grace, symmetry and balance. Take for instance his premier collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM—a comprehensive collection of his signature pieces that best exhibit his mastery of shape and silhouette. The collection also boasts a brilliant selection of fabrics that, in true Barba form, works seamlessly with motion and movement.
  • Beatriz
    BEATRIZ is an understated luxury label that carries unique and singular accessories for the most discerning clientele. Showcasing superior Philippine craftsmanship, BEATRIZ's exclusive collection for VITO Studio highlights the innovative way by which the traditional Obi is fashioned into a one-of-a-kind BEATRIZ Obi clutch bag. Each piece in this ultra special collection uses no less than that most exquisite materials--delicate Japanese silks and embroidery, Swarovski crystals, unique Asian beads, just to name a few. Aside from the Obi collection, this exclusive label also offers a curated line of gift items to include pendants, pouches and belts--ideal style selections for every occasion. Pieces by BEATRIZ showcase a uniquely Asian aesthetic while highlighting distinctly opulent fashion sensibility.
  • Bijoux
    In the local jewelry industry, BIJOUX has been known as one of the country’s top jewelry suppliers—creating the most luxurious and chic pieces for over 30 years now. Mastery of craft, experience and a instinct for design have kept the brand at the forefront . Experts in the field of fine jewelry, diamonds, assorted stones, antique beads and pearls, BIJOUX offers a new approach to investing in jewelry. In keeping with the times, BIJOUX’s collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM consists of contemporary pieces that are turn-of-the-century creations worthy of heirlooms. But more than that, the label has also gone into the creation of pieces that one can wear not only for special occasion but for just about any day or occasion as well.
  • Bijoux ARF!
    A new specialized label under the one of the country’s top jewelry suppliers, Bijoux ARF! is a jewelry line dedicated to accessorizing one’s pet. Having had experience in creating top quality jewelry for over 30 years, the makers and designers of Bijoux Arf! bring the same brand of workmanship and glamour to the pet accessories line. Utilizing a variety of materials such as cubic zirconia, fresh pearls, garnet and bamboo coral, these most adorable pieces are especially made for your most beloved pets so that they look just as chic and utterly stylish as its owner. The Bijoux ARF! collection, which is exclusively available at VITOSTUDIO.COM boast unique and luxurious design so that one’s pet is able to walk with its head held high.
  • COVA by Melanie Cuevas
    Boasting plenty of clean lines, Melanie Cuevas’ debut Elements collection for VITOSTUDIO perfectly showcases the founder’s minimalist, edgy approach to fashion. Prior to establishing her own jewelry line, Cuevas honed her eye for style and design working as a magazine editor. Cova (a variation of the founder’s last name in Catalan), is a product of Cuevas’ many fashion and art influences. COVA takes inspiration from structures by famed architects that are abstract and simple. “My pieces are easy and can be worn alone or layered with other pieces from the line. In a way, there is sense of fun and playfulness because you can pile it on with jewelry you already own,” says Cuevas. COVA's pieces are mostly industrial and sculptural with only hints of nature's softer curves that result in wearable art. The COVA line is, essentially, elegant yet appear armor-like and stark, feminine but with an industrial twist – pieces that are sure to make a bold statement.
  • Dennis Lustico
    Dennis Lustico knows elegance and restrain. He began in the fashion industry designing for a renowned men’s label where his unparalleled skill at tailoring was honed. When Lustico made his solo fashion breakthrough in early 2000, his feminine dresses were all the rave among Manila’s stylish set. The city’s best-dressed women were soon going from one event to another in divine dresses by Lustico. What makes Lustico a force to reckon with in Philippine fashion is that he is able to reconcile his distinctive style sensibility—graphic elements merged with soft, fluid silhouettes—with superior workmanship forged thru the years. His pieces reflect an understatedly chic approach to style that women and men of the most discerning of tastes can easily spot and appreciate.
  • Destiny Diamonds
    Jewelry is very personal to a point where the pieces that one wears, says volumes about the person. It is with this very essential consideration in mind that DESTINY DIAMONDS began creating one-of-a-kind, customized jewelry. The idea behind the brand was to present handcrafted jewelry using only the most special stones—like their famed Black Diamond—to come up with pieces to last a lifetime. A brand that has been known only among the most discerning, DESTINY DIAMONDS is a treasure trove in every respect. Included in the brand’s collection of fine jewelry are rings, bracelet and neckpieces that utilize the most rare and precious stones. Among its more classic pieces are jewelry from the Black Diamond series—men’s cufflinks, round pendants and rings—all of which speak of a bespoke yet utterly luxurious aesthetic.
  • Eric delos Santos
    The work of beloved designer Eric delos Santos celebrates fit, form and function. An alumni of London’s Central Saint Martins, he draws from lively sceneries elements that are then translated onto pieces that are both wearable as they stunning—lace overlays, drapery, vibrant hues and sassy silhouettes. It will appear that red carpet pieces are the designer’s most sought-after pieces as some of his most photographed works are floor sweeping masterpieces that celebrate the female form.True to form, his debut collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM emphasizes a fascination for form, melding color and silhouette on pieces that are versatile and essentially classic. Featuring dramatically draped dresses that one can keep for seasons on end, his collection speaks of an effortless and modern approach to glamour.
  • FahLUX
    FähLux was launched in mid 2012 by purveyor of fine antique jewelry aficionado Maria Fäh and prominent fashion figure Celine Lopez. An exclusive jewelry brand that has fast become a favorite among Manila’s most stylish, FähLux offers unique jewelry that take inspiration from romantic elements as in the case of its first collection, Lustre. Featured this season at VITO Studio, pieces from the collection are essentially reminiscent of mid-century light fixtures, playing on details. One will see this most clearly in the lines and shapes that are both singular as they are nostalgic. Each FähLux piece is hand-casted in sterling silver and micro plated thrice. Unique semi-precious stones are also utilized in the piece to serve as accents.
  • Hindy Weber-Tantoco
    In her decade long career as a fashion designer, Hindy Weber-Tantoco, has managed to establish a style sensibility that is purely and distinct to her name. If anything, Tantoco approaches fashion with a brand of irony that is both feminine and edgy in one breath. Her pieces are refined yet nonchalant; relatable yet inspired; and refreshing while being essentially classic. The ease and effortless elements in her pieces make her creations an immediate sartorial favorite as it reflects a strong and well-defined sense of individuality. Her debut collection of VITOSTUDIO.COM, Lucky Dot, is reflective of her mastery of both the retail and the made-to-measure. This Holiday, Tantoco gives us but a prologue to her most inspired collection which she will soon be launching on this site. Here, a mere preview of Tantoco’s Lucky Dot.
  • Ivarluski Aseron
    The last fashion show that Ivarluski Aseron held for Fashion Watch in 2011 was so phenomenal that up to the present, style aficionados continue to talk about his brilliant collection. The thing about Aseron is that he never does things half heartedly. He will either be brilliant on the runway or back at his studio fastidiously concocting fashion’s next big thing.Aseron’s penchant for neutral shades—grays, whites and blacks—has resulted in a distinctive look that the country’s most stylish have an insatiable thirst for. This season, he stirs up the style arena with a collection of chic, functional and understated leather clutch bags. The collection, which was primarily created for his Fashion Watch presentation, has now become a requisite for the country’s premier style makers. He reflects, "They were pieces that I felt I needed to complete my collection which people began asking for."
  • Janina Dizon
    Janina Dizon represents the new generation of Manila designers. While she hails from a well respected and established family of jewelers, Janina’s design approach merges just the right amount of classic elements onto pieces that are essential modern. Expanding her jewelry line, she expands her product range with a line of ultra chic clutch bags that have been hailed as all-time must haves both here and abroad. Utilizing the most exotic skins—stingray, croc, ostrich, water snake and lambskin—her sleek silhouettes are perfectly punctuated by ingenious details. Janina’s color blocking combinations are nothing short of irresistible while her trademark, a tiny solitary real diamond embossed on the flap—make for the perfect accessory all year round.
  • JC Buendia
    This year celebrates JC Buendia's 25th year as a fashion designer. Having began his career alongside other fashion design masters like Cesar Gaupo, Gang Gomez and Joe Salazar, Buendia hails from a time when “clothes were always so well-constructed.”As one of the most revered names in Philippine fashion today, Buendia has been known to dress the country’s most iconic women—from movie actresses to political figures. Why he is the go-to designer for these personalities is no mystery. For one, Buendia’s superior workmanship, flawless technical skill and bespoke aesthetic have kept some of the most photographed men and women coming back for more. Similarly, his collection for VITO Studio mirrors his love for the cinema and a lifelong fascination for royalty. He shares, "When I came up with this collection, I was thinking of young, successful career woman."
  • Jesusa by JMA
    Those who are in the know when it comes to fine jewelry in the Philippines are familiar with JMA. One of the premier jewelry manufacturers in the country, the label, under the direction of Suzette Ayson, has been favored by Manila’s crème de la crème for its flawless workmanship and innovative designs. The exquisite craftsmanship and new-fangled approach to the designs produced by JMA consistently set the benchmark for the industry what with its most original takes on precious pieces. As the brand enters the digital age with its line called JESUSA, the label introduces original creations—from earrings to neckpieces, and other objects of desire. JESUSA’s collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM showcases its signature weightless earrings. These genius pieces feature an elongated hoop design that makes the wearer virtually feel like they are not wearing carats upon carats of precious stones. Moreover, the elegant and feminine designs of these earrings perfectly frame one’s visage and speak of a versatility that allows one to wear them to any occasion at any given time.
  • JOANIQUE by Malou...
    It is pure passion that fuels Malou Araneta Romero penchant for jewelry design. A fresh addition to the local design, Malou’s foray into the design was marked by the launch of her Joanique jewelry line. Shortly after her debut, discerning citizens of the fashion world began to take not of her unique proposition to refinery.The Joanique line for VITO Studio exudes an organic, almost earthy feel while still perfectly highlighting the opulence of precious stones and metals. Each element is selected and meticulously forged together to create highly sculptural, contemporary pieces often compared to works of art. Similarly, Malou’s inclination for color and shapes brings about a refreshingly youthful vibe that make her jewelry every modern woman's ideal companions--or better yet, every girl's best friend.
  • Joyce Makitalo
    It was in 2003 when Joyce Makitalo forayed into jewelry design with a bold, almost talisman-inspired approach to necklaces, pendants, bangles and rings that echo the allure and enigma of civilizations past. Makitalo’s chunky pieces highlight varied rough, irregularly shaped semi-precious stones that are cleverly set on brass and metals. An award-winning jeweler for her non-traditional designs, Makitalo’s body of work has become a fashion staple for the stylish set both locally and abroad. Her debut collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM, Phantasmagorie, once again showcases her brilliance at combining various elements to come up with pieces that are versatile and irreverent. Her fresh take on statement jewelry, moreover, make Makitalo’s pieces the ideal fashion investment.
  • Joey Samson
    Joey Samson’s “Gender-less Collection” is testament to his mastery of androgynous fashion. A figure in the fashion community who has been celebrated and hailed for his thought-provoking creations, Samson is definitely an acquired taste. It is in the smallest details like the lining of a jacket or how a piece folds one way instead of another that this designer is able to impress early adaptors of the style scene. Without a miss, Samson’s offerings on the runways mirror a clever approach to androgynous dressing that pushes boundaries while still remaining in-sync with all that is current and significant.His collection for VITO Studio this season aims to breakdown the confines of categorical dressing. He simply explains, “I don’t want to limit a person to certain categories. Is it for men? Is it for women?” In short, if you like what you see, then, simply put, it’s for you.
  • Jul B Dizon
    As one of the most prominent jewelry brands in the Philippines, Jul B Dizon--under the direction of Candy Dizon--is consistently paving the way for the future of jewelry design. Candy, who grew up learning, appreciating and later on working with precious stones and metals has consistently injected her very own brand of chic and quirk onto the label's pieces while still maintaining the heirloom status of its creations.Today, the brand continues to lead the pack in jewelry design as it presents the modern, versatile and extraordinary jewelry that appeal to a women with a global understanding of design. But what makes Jul B Dizon a force to reckon with, is its uncanny ability to offer pieces that, while staying distinctive to a point of making a strong statement, allows the wearer and her personal style to shine through.
  • Jojie Lloren
    Impeccable workmanship and a good editing instinct are but few of the things that make designer Jojie Lloren one of the most respected individuals in the Philippine fashion industry. As a mentor for Project Runway Philippines, the country stands witness to Lloren’s passion for imparting technical skill and inspiring higher taste levels week after week. He also reveals that he is currently working alongside some of his peers in the design community to build what could possibly be the country’s best fashion school. Lloren ponders, “I love teaching. For me it is a form of giving back. I think it’s important to be able help produce the future leaders in fashion.” Consistent in concocting bespoke pieces that resonate with timeless sophistication and glamour, Lloren has established himself as the go-to designer for the country’s most stylish individuals. His VITO Studio collection, inspired by cinematic La Dolce Vita with elements from the architecture of the Vatican, is a testament to Lloren’s mastery of structure, symmetry, balance and restrain.
  • Jun Escario
    Cebu-based designer Jun Escario is a master at making the perfect style statement. If anything, Escario’s body of work mirrors a feminine, elaborate and sinuous sensibility fit for red carpet, A-list events. His knack for innovative fabric selection and ability to bring together a rich mosaic of textures, have resulted in some of the most highly-coveted glamorous pieces season after season.Staying true to the distinctive Escario aesthetic, his collection for VITO Studio this season, showcases a brilliant fusion of fabrics—from the luxurious piña, exquisite lace to fluid chiffon. His svelte silhouettes celebrate the female form and resonate with Old World elegance. The elaborate Escario body of work is, indeed, a clear cut expression of one extraordinary fashion proposition.
  • Liana Rosa
    Liana Rosa is a vintage and bohemian inspired women's lifestyle brand that designs and creates classic handmade jewelry, bags and accessories. Founder and designer, Liana Rosa Cardenas Navarro started the business in 2001, handcrafting jewelry for clients around metro Manila, as well as supplying to clients in the United States, Canada and London. In 2005, Liana Rosa began designing and creating bags, followed by a venture into women's shoe design in 2008. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, the Liana Rosa brand has re-launched with a focus on premium quality jewelry, bags and leather accessories.
  • Maco Custodio
    Maco Custodio began designing leather footwear in 2008. After studying at the Philippine Footwear Academy, Custodio's work immediately caught the attention the fashion industry as he proposed unconventional approaches in material selection and shapes. Shortly after taking further studies in Shoe Engineering in China, Custodio's unique footwear began to make appearance in some of the country's biggest fashion shows. The rest, as they say, is shoe making history.Custodio now joins the VITOSTUDIO.COM roster, launching his first ever line of leather accessories for men--spectator shoes, visors, bags and bow ties--that utilize leathers and the most unexpected of details. For his first men's collection, he combines new materials and infuse the onto classic pieces that resonate a fashion-forward sensibility.
  • MAJA by Janina Garcia
    A rising star in the field of jewelry design, MAJA by Janina Garcia has been the buzzword among the stylish set. The brand, now known for its elaborate bangles, neckpieces and earrings, impressed the most discerning of tastes, through private and intimate trunk shows. Today, her signature pieces—each created with the highest regard for precision and workmanship are considered staples for women who want distinctive and singular pieces. The label’s designer, young Janina Garcia, took up jewelry design at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in New York. Shortly after, she enhanced her knowledge in jewelry design through short courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Insitituto di Moda Burgo. On feature at VITOSTUDIO.COM this season are her intricately carved mother of pearl earrings and her most brilliant bangles—pieces that are slowly etching a place for MAJA on the fashion map.
  • Martin Bautista
    An easy design favorite among celebrities and style critics, Martin Bautista has truly gone a long way since he debuted in fashion design in 2007. His pieces, all of which reflect a modern and sophisticated sensibility, have been constantly photographed on some of the country’s biggest stars. His streamlined collections perfectly suit the aesthetic inclinations of women who seek style and practicality. He even emphasizes, “My clothes are made for living.” His refreshing collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM feature wearable yet stunning collection of long gowns and dresses that allow women to wear the pieces instead of the other way around. In true MB style, he injects unexpected elements onto his pieces through delicate drapery and creation of new silhouettes. He’s even included a season-must have maillot to the mix!
  • Maureen Disini
    When Maureen Disini decided to crossover from being a fashion editor to becoming one of Philippine fashion’s bright young talents, it was a match made in style utopia. In 2009, Disini moved to Milan where she learned the essentials of fashion designing at the Istituto di Moda Burgo. Today, Disini is best known for her fluid, feminine pieces that reverberate with ease and effortlessness. Her silhouettes show a broad understanding and appreciation for the female form and her skill at manipulating fabrics through drapery catapulted her as one of the newest designers to watch out for.On her limited edition collection for VITO Studio, Disini explains, “I call this the Stella collection because it is reminiscent of my evenings on the beach where I would gaze up and watch the stars. For some reason, I find myself drawn to sparkly things. It’s also very special to me because this collection shows the other things that I can do.”
  • Mia Arcenas
    Mia Arcenas is one of the Cebu's bright young things in fashion. Having been exposed to fashion at a very young age, Arcenas is now coming of age with her very own uber chic minaudieres, luxe accessories and apparel. Her primary goal for launching her namesake brand is to bring her inspired creations to the global market.A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Arcenas believes in creating pieces for modern women who appreciate the good life. Her tropical inspired collection, for instance, is reflective not only of her roots in Cebu but also of her global style sensibility.
  • Mitzi Quilendrino
    There is a quality of refinement and restraint that is distinct to a young fashion designer Mitzi Quilendrino. For the designer, clothes ought to be crafted to perfection so that whether it is fully adorned or not, the piece is able to stand on its own. Since her debut in the fashion industry in 2004, Quilendrino has been recognized by the stylish set for her fashion-forward propositions on the runways. Hers is an approach to design that lets the simplicity of a silhouette, a fabric or a particular mix in texture shine through in the most refreshing of ways. This season, Quilendrino showcases a bespoke collection of dresses, suits and tops that reflect her brilliance in creating pieces that are both elegant as they are of-the-moment.
  • Nicole Whisenhunt
    Nicole Whisenhunt’s breakthrough in 2004 as an accessories designer instigated a renewed appreciation for intricate, hand-crafted accessories. Her signature pieces mirror an affinity for Old World opulence and intricacy which immediately stand out against a fast-paced, insta-world. For the young designer, each of her meticulously hand-crafted pieces is a culmination of outstanding workmanship (by herself and her dedicated team of artisans) and a tedious process of sourcing materials from around the globe. It is then of little wonder that Whisenhunt’s pieces are coveted for the rich stories they tell.Whisenhunt’s distinctive embroidery work is a celebration of virtue which she showcases for her VITO Studio collection. Every precious and semi-precious stone, bead, and crystal is symbolic of the patience and fortitude it takes to achieve perfection.
  • OrnamentO
    OrnamentO by Dior Co is a young and fresh accessories line that uses a wide variety of precious and semi precious stones. Inspired primarily by various eras, cultures and history, the details of each piece are distinct while remaining essentially subtle to allow for the natural beauty of the stones to shine through. It's first collection, which debuts in, takes elements from ancient Egypt and Art Deco design resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that are stunning, contemporary yet versatile. Every OrnamentO piece is thrice dipped in 24K gold and no two pieces are ever the same, ensuring its wearer that what they are wearing a rarity.
  • Pablo Cabahug
    It was only in 2008 when Pablo Cabahug ventured into fashion creating beautifully tailored pieces. For several years now, his collections for Philippine Fashion week never fail to impress and garner praise from both fashion observers and critics alike. His silhouettes, while essentially classic, often highlight a distinct brand of sophistication that appeal to empowered women. Cabahug’s details—cutouts, lace overlays, rich textures reflect a luxurious sensibility while remaining classic.Cabahug began in fashion as an apprentice for beloved designer Randy Ortiz. Shortly after that, he then flew to London where he took up Fashion and Design Marketing at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design. Today, his work is loved, recognized and celebrated by a very niche fashion group, all of whom have a keen eye for luxe, design brilliance and flawless workmanship.
  • Patrice Diaz
    “I’m at a stage in my career right now where I am exploring the things I really want to do,” shares Patrice Diaz. For years since she began in fashion, Diaz’s design sensibility has always been closely associated with all things feminine and romantic. Opulent bridal wear and organic while still remaining sculptural were what the fashion world anticipated from this designer—season after season; year in and out. This time around, however, Diaz is more determined than ever to present a bolder, more adventurous style proposition: one that is anchored on modernism and functionality.For VITO Studio’s maiden season, Diaz reveals her accessories line—all of which were meticulously crafted using Old World techniques. Tambourine and filigree rings, neckpieces and earrings in sterling silver from this collection resonate with a brand of finesse and refinement distinct only to Diaz.
  • Rajo Laurel
    The creative power behind the House of Laurel, Rajo Laurel, has been a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. As the go-to designer for the most stylish celebrities in the country, Laurel’s creations are mainstays during red carpet events and A-list parties.Aside from having been a success at churning out astounding made-to-measure pieces, Laurel has also been flawless in translating his vision in his retail line. Each season, his collections leave both fashion critics and observers fascinated by his eye-catching presentations.He launches with VITO Studio with a limited edition Athletenique collection—an uber sophisticated active wear line the completely redefines one’s notion of dressing on-the-go. Jersey dresses and jumpsuits all utilizing sports-inspired colors and patterns bring together function, fun and fashion.
  • Randy Ortiz
    When Randy Ortiz revolutionized fashion in the 90s, a whole new perspective in men’s wear was born. Fashion’s king of color and prints, Ortiz has been a master in merging fresh elements with classic pieces resulting in the most covetable ensembles on the runway. Since Ortiz reshaped men’s fashion in the country, he has since then expanded to go into women’s wear, bridal fashion and accessories, making him one of the most beloved names in Philippine fashion.True to being a pioneer in contemporary men’s wear, Ortiz’s collection for VITO Studio resonates with the kind of vitality, spirit and energy that perfectly captures the dynamic nature of fashion. Bright pops of color are integrated onto flawlessly tailored jackets, shirts and trousers to create a vibrant, contempo-cool ensemble. Similarly, prints--from paisleys to geometric--abound Ortiz's pieces, reinforcing a fresh fashion sensibility that is truly, very Randy Ortiz.
  • Rhett Eala
    After over two decades in the fashion industry, Rhett Eala is one who has definitely left his mark in local fashion. For one, the Eala touch has been known to turn the mundane into something utterly hip. Case in point: Eala’s genius made the Philippine map a fashion symbol, embroidering and printing its shape onto stylish sports shirts, jersey dresses and other casual apparel. And just like any brilliant idea, the logo map became a staple among the stylish set and an outstanding example of accessible fashion. Among industry insiders, Eala is referred to as a master at resurrecting old retail brands, catapulting them into highly fashionable labels.But aside from his retail success, Eala has also been celebrated for his made-to-order pieces which, in contrast to his famed active wear pieces, speak of a hushed sophistication. This side to his craft he showcases for VITO Studio as he presents a collection of cocktail dresses and gowns that highlight his mastery of technique and a love for classic silhouettes. Eala explains, “I wanted to showcase my signature pieces like the pleated cocktail dresses and the ballerina tulle dress.”
  • Ricky Vicencio
    Ricky Vicencio is one of the country’s premier resort and swimwear designers. Shortly after having been invited to be a part of the Young Designers Guild in 2000, Vicencio’s sexy, bold yet modern creations immediately became identified by fashion observes and critics as high fashion resort wear. His works are consistently forward with strong graphic design influences. He reflects, “Most of my works are bold but they are very wearable. I usually incorporate swimsuits in my collections and now that I look back, I was probably one of the first few designers who did made-to-order swimwear.” It comes as little surprise then that today, his swimsuits are the most stylish pieces spotted on exotic shores and chic pool sides. The go-to designer for a select few who are in the know, Vicencio has excelled in resort wear primarily for his understanding of the female form, his knack creating new silhouettes and his skill at manipulating fabrics to perfect his designs. He shares of his collection for VITOSTUDIO.COM: “I wanted a collection that stands out effortlessly while going beyond season or trend.”
  • Rosanna Ocampo
    Rosanna Ocampo’s pieces are all about movement and discovery. Having studied in Milan for several years—first at Instituto Europeo di Design and later to take up her masters at Instituto Marangoni—Ocampo’s fashion point is that of vivid color and print. Such is her sensibility that even from a far, her work is easily recognizable. From her extensive travels, she takes in elements from varied locations (bold prints by Gaudi in Barcelona, vivid colors from the Galapagos islands or eye popping prints from the Giverny islands) and infuses them onto her signature cocktail dresses.As her work has now become a staple among Manila’s hip and stylish, Ocampo’s creations continue to exude a distinctive brand of sophistication and verve that is essentially of-the-moment. Her exclusive collection for VITO Studio showcases a more mature and elegant aesthetic, exploring new silhouettes and shapes while still remaining essentially feminine and young.
  • Ronaldo Arnaldo
    It takes a certain type of woman to wear Ronaldo Arnaldo. Typically, Arnaldo's pieces immediately appeal to independent, contemporary women who have a strong sense of style. Just the same, those most likely to be drawn to his pieces have a keen eye for unique propositions and unexpected details. One who has also been known manipulate silhouette and shapes with absolute brilliance, Arnaldo's work is always modern while still remaining essentially elegant. Each season on Philippine Fashion Week, his fashion propositions never fail to impress fashion critics and observers. The quality of his craft, coupled by his boundless creativity and artistry, set the standard for most collections presented season after season. For his debut collection for, Arnaldo presents a fresh take on power dressing, adding new details and mixing varied fabrics like lace, leather and herringbone. In this most inspired body of work, Arnaldo merges structure with new textures, proving himself a force to reckon with in Philippine fashion.
  • Scarves By Destiny
    Accessories are an essential part of one’s fashion experience. With that in mind, luxury brand Scarves by Destiny enhances this experience by bringing together two of the most essential accessories together—jewelry and scarves. The idea is to offer pieces that serve a multitude of functions hence the merging of the finest fabrics such as silk, wool and cashmere with strings of fresh water pearls, precious and semi-precious stones or silver beads to create one-of-a-kind scarves that double as jewelry.Precisely because each scarf goes through a tedious process of matching fabric with stone and then hand embellishment, no two pieces are ever truly a like, making Scarves by Destiny a treasure in any woman’s wardrobe. Additionally, each scarf is designed so as to allow the wearer to channel their creativity and discover the many ways by which these precious pieces can be worn—around the neck, the shoulders and even as a headpiece.
  • Tan-Gan
    The TAN-GAN label under creative director Lulu Tan-Gan has long been known for producing well-crafted knits. Since its inception in the mid-80s, the Tan-Gan name has been celebrated in Philippine fashion for having infused a modern aesthetic on classic knits. A master at construction and workmanship, Tan-Gan has, time and again, proven its skill at manipulating a wide range of materials to create exceptionally crafted pieces.Tan-Gan’s collection for VITO Studio showcases the distinctly streamlined knits of the label as well as its latest design venture: a hand-woven line called “Indigenous Couture.” Utilizing luxurious local fabrics like piña, Tan-Gan merges traditional workmanship with modern design, resulting in pieces that are best described as “modern heirloom collectibles.”
  • Tippi Ocampo
    Fashion designer Tippi Ocampo proposes a statement in style that leans towards all this is quirky and eclectic. Her Pret-a-Party and MTO (Made by Tippi Ocampo) lines both usher in a refreshingly young and playful vibe to formal, bridal and cocktail hour dressing. Ocampo’s skill at infusing highly imaginative and inspired elements—prints, patterns and textures—together result in pieces that are rich in visual and sensory appeal.Ocampo’s “Venus Rising” collection for VITO Studio is an example of this designer’s creativity and ingenuity. The collection debuts her series of limited-edition photo prints which were inspired by the country’s pristine oceans. She infuses her ocean prints with highly textured sand lace to come up with a luxurious lounge collection. Ocampo shares, “I envisioned something that’s resort-inspired and see these pieces juxtaposed against the urban city.”
  • Veejay Floresca
    Young designer Veejay Floresca first forayed into the style community when he joined the pilot episode of Project Runway Philippines. His eye for detail and highly-inspired creations, even from an early stage in his career, gained the admiration of the show’s judges and devoted followers of the fashion world. Not too long after his stint on television, a driven Floresca flew to London to hone his craft at the esteemed Central Saint Martins where he specialized in Vintage Bridal Wear.It then come as no surprise that today, Floresca is one of the fastest-rising young designers in the country. His romantic take on fashion, while still remaining essentially classic, reverberates with a youthful energy. Similarly, his exclusive collection for VITO Studio this season brings forth a contemporary perspective on glamor as seen through his fluid lines and svelte silhouettes.
  • WANDERLUST by Maggie...
    WANDERLUST by Maggie Wilson-Consunji is a melding of form and function. The stunning beauty who has been embraced by the klieg lights for years —whether as an actress, model or beauty—now expresses her love for travel and adventure with her very own swimsuit line. What makes her the ideal woman to create swimwear for the contemporary woman is that she knows, first hand, exactly what works and what doesn’t. With an in-depth understanding for the female form, she effectively creates pieces that stun and compliment one’s body.Maggie’s very own wanderlust has constantly inspired her to create pieces to suit any destination. Her sultry one piece suits take on classic elements yet do not fall short in making a style statement that will turn heads—on shore, by the poolside or while cruising thru crystal blue waters. With great instinct, Wanderlust goes beyond the boundaries of the an ordinary, cookie-cutter maillot or bikini . In this debut collection with VITOSTUDIO.COM you will find pin-up inspired bikinis that are distinct to Maggie’s aesthetic. More brilliant are the details that go into each piece such as ruched waist bands, multipurpose tops and straps. When it comes to swimwear, you can trust a woman who is almost perpetually wearing one to know her stuff well.
  • Yvonne Quisumbing
    There is nothing ordinary about Yvonne Quisumbing or the pieces she creates. She began in fashion some years ago proving herself to be one of the most illustrious young designers of the country. Style makers, observers and critics were drawn to Quisumbing’s unique ability to bring together elements that are both ethereal and eerie all in one breathe. She was also hailed for her skill at manipulating the most luxurious fabrics in a multitude of ways, mirroring a unique understanding of the female form and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.Since her much-awaited fashion comeback in 2011 Quisumbing has been steadily securing her place in the style arena with pieces that resonate femininity and sophistication. Her exquisite collection for VITO Studio feature asymmetric hems, layered satins and chiffons and intricate glass embellishments reinforce that Quisumbing is one of Philippine fashion’s most outstanding designers.